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Top five best Halloween films

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

HALLOWEEN is popular because we all love to be scared.

As proved by the insatiable appetite for horror movies and TV series in recent years.

I put together my top five horror films to make for a fun watch on October 31.

Coming in at number five on my list is ‘Cabin Fever: Patient Zero’ – one of a series of films celebrating flesh eating bugs.

A bunch of young people on a Stag do set sail for an uninhabited island with the intention of having a laugh.

Of course they don’t.

After diving into the waters around the island they discover all the fish are dead. Soon they discover why.

Cue escaped laboratory animals, a psychopathic asymptomatic patient and a scientist desperate to cover it all up.

At number four is ‘The Wrong House’. Two families turn up to view the same house with a view to buy.

Once there they find it difficult to leave. When they drive off in their cars they find themselves returning involuntarily to the strange house.

They must listen to an irritating daily recording of a man’s voice giving instructions. Food is mysteriously left for them in a cupboard.

Meanwhile they discover a girl who has had her tongue cut out and unable to tell them what is going on.

At number three would be ‘Wrong Turn’ a Netflix film about a diverse range of young people heading out into the wilderness.

After they accidentally kill a member of a nutty cult that survives out there they find themselves captured and pressured to join it.

At number two is ‘In the Tall Grass’ written by Stephen King and his son Joe Hill.

A brother and sister stop by a cornfield and hear a young boy calling for help.

After venturing into the weird cornfield they realise they can’t escape.

Time seems to move strangely in the supernatural cornfield and the victims are subjected to all sorts of psychological terrors.

We feel sorry for the innocent hero who arrives to save his pregnant estranged girlfriend and ends up sacrificing himself for them.

At number one is the old-fashioned style horror film by Sam Raimi of Evil Dead fame – ‘Drag Me to Hell’.

Hero Christine Brown sets off for a brilliant new job in the big city practicing her voice training on the way.

She is doing well in her new job despite her arrogant sexist fellow trainee but then has the misfortune to fall foul of a gypsy.

After denying her a mortgage extension Christine must endure a terrible curse which includes a vengeful supernatural fly and getting snogged by a corpse.

We’re rooting for Christine all the way.

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