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Single people face a lonely Christmas

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Boris has listened to ‘the science’ once again meaning we will be plunged into a second lockdown from tomorrow.

Imposing draconian restrictions upon our activities will save Christmas he tells us.

But Paul Farmer, chief executive of mental health charity, Mind, warned this week that the Government needs to pay attention to the nation’s mental health and not just the wider challenges of the pandemic.

Mr Farmer believes that we are facing ‘the greatest test of our mental health this year’ adding that last week the charity saw the greatest increase in calls to its helpline.

Since Boris got the virus he seems to be a changed man. Before he swaggered around with ministers shunning social distancing and shaking hands with people.

Now he seems to be completely in thrall to Vallance and Whitty.

When making decisions about the virus he appears to wait to see what other leaders like Nicola Sturgeon will do and then copy them.

That way if it all goes pear-shaped he is not to blame.

What the Government needs to realise is that social interaction is vital to human beings.

What is the point in banning care home residents from seeing their families.

It is not just pointless it is cruel. For people with dementia contact with family members is vital for their mental health.

Even when someone with dementia can no longer recognise their relative, I believe they still remember them on a subconscious level.

My mother had vascular dementia but despite her condition, never really forgot who I was.

If I had been unable to visit her for several months however I could not guarantee she would remember me.

But I know she would have suffered on some level, wondering why I no longer came to see her.

My mother was always living on borrowed time after her huge stroke in 2011.

Every day was precious and vital to both of us. I think she would have agreed with me that she would rather see me and take the risk of contracting the virus.

And what are single people supposed to do? Most people will have family members in their bubble.

Are we supposed to just not talk to or interact with anyone until the lockdown is over. How ridiculous.

I suspect that the rule of six will still be in force at Christmas meaning that if you are single you face a lonely Christmas.

Watch out for an increased number of suicides over the festive period.

Whether you agree with lockdown or not it has brought out the best in some people but the worst in others.

Just today I was contacted by someone claiming to be from a firm claiming that the plan on my washing machine was set to expire.

They couldn’t send out the usual letter due to the virus and possible contamination so they were ringing me instead to take my bank details over the phone.

Why not just email me instead then I asked, cue much spluttering from him before I put down the phone.

There are also the alleged Covid marshalls who pretend to be genuine to get inside people’s homes.

Real Covid marshalls, whose job is to enforce stricter rules on social gatherings, have no powers to enter people’s homes.

I was a die-hard Coronation Street fan but a few weeks ago decided that it has got so bad that I can no longer watch it.

The crunch came when I put on an episode of Classic Coronation Street, currently screened twice a day, five days a week on ITV3.

I realised what I had been missing.

Where are the characters like Percy Sugden and Phyllis, Mike Baldwin, Jack and Vera Duckworth?

Now we have the two-dimensional Leanne and Nick. Even Roy is like a hollowed-out shadow of his former self, shambling about coming out with the odd interesting fact that no one is interested in.

I haven’t watched it since they had to start filming with masks and social distancing but quite frankly I don’t want to.

Oh for the halcyon days of 1996 when Corrie had a bit of humour and dealt with real life problems instead of wall-to-wall murders and under-age pregnancies.

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